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Non-vegan to Vegan 

-By Bhavani.

       We women have always been raised to please, satisfy and nurture everybody's needs before our own. We've been told from time to time and time again that we should not be our first priority and we've been greatly romanticizing highly sacrificial women, who are the only accepted forms of women. We've seen this idea passed down through generations, like sacred knowledge behind walls.


   These walls have constrained us and held us back for long enough. It's time we break this false notion and start by romanticizing our freedom, our choice, and lastly ourselves. And let this be the sacred knowledge we pass on to our daughters and generations to come.


Now said that let me begin by introducing myself and this marvelous journey towards a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle, I took 2 years ago.

     Hi, I am Shalini and I started my vegan journey in march 2019. And I want to be honest with you, it was the best decision I've ever made for myself. Thanks to my daughter who introduced me to veganism. It has not been an easy journey... switching from hardcore non-vegetarian to being a vegan, but now it comes to me as easy as breathing. It's been a wonderful transformation... I feel amazing and have been eating such colorful food and of so many varieties. Every day my plate is filled with healthy plant based foods with many nutritional benefits and without any side effects.

      In my vegan journey, I found it was hard to find healthy vegan replacements in the market and I started making my own dips and spreads at home. And that's when the idea of my venture Bhava by Shalini came as a natural course of action. To be frank, I didn't give much of a thought about it, but once I made up my mind everything fell into its place and I took my first on 31st December 2019. Before this, I tried my hand at various things and juggled with many ideas, but none of them felt like my true calling. Bhava gave me a sense of purpose that helped me connect to nature, other sentient beings and myself. 

   Initially I started with making peanut butter at home. A jar never lasted more than two days. It quickly became my kids favourite snack and I didn't have to stop them as it was all healthy and organic. Soon my friends, relatives and neighbours had a taste of it and encouraged me to share this with the world. And that's how Bhava's first product came into being.

   I experimented with various recipes and ingredients and now Bhava"s offerings range from savory peanut butter(which is one of the hottest selling products), cashew butter, almond butter, hazelnut butter...All Bhava's products are organic, healthy, sugar-free, and preservative-free, so you and your family can have a guilt-free healthy snacking. This is just a start and Bhava promises to expand its range of soulful vegan delights to many more such offerings to share the goodness around.

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